Decoding Security Models

A Comprehensive Exploration of Time-Based Security, Intrusion Kill Chain, Diamond Model, and Zero Trust Unlock the secrets to robust cybersecurity! Dive into our captivating journey captured into the realm of security models. Discover how these crucial frameworks empower you to craft and execute ironclad security architectures. With a focus on simplicity, we demystify complex concepts, […]

Security Control 101

In the realm of cybersecurity, controls or countermeasures serve as defenses against threats to a system’s vulnerabilities. The objective is to prevent, deter, deflect, mitigate, detect, or recover from potential harm. Analogous to the fortified structures of the Middle Ages, we employ a combination of physical, procedural, and technical controls to safeguard computing systems. Physical […]

Cybersecurity Risk Management – 7 Steps

The cybersecurity risk assessment process typically involves the following steps: Establish the Scope and Objectives Identify Assets and Critical Information Identify Threats and Vulnerabilities Assess Existing Controls Analyze Risks Develop Risk Mitigation Strategies Implement and Monitor Controls Download or view now to empower your cybersecurity knowledge!