The latest report* from Goode Intelligence lays out the business benefits of biometrics for companies to help authenticate customers. The report shows that once a customer is established,  customer satisfaction goes up due to less transactional friction.

Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security:

“Physical biometrics is helping companies verify users without creating cumbersome authentication processes. Many businesses are also including passive biometrics in their arsenal to transparently verify users and only ask for a physical biometrics step up to those who show high-risk signals. Passive and physical biometrics can work in conjunction so that customers can be identified beyond their credentials as the correct person behind the device. With behavioral identifiers, online companies can make an informed decision on each transaction without the need for step ups. The benefits for customers are an enhanced user experience that is easy and convenient while online companies can cut cybercriminals out of the equation. This type of approach helps companies even during high-traffic seasons, where cybercriminals try to blend in with holiday shoppers.”

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