In response to BlackBerry announcing that 80% of consumers did not have faith in their devices to secure their data effectively please find below a comment from Simon Whitburn, SVP cybersecurity services at Nominet.

Simon Whitburn, SVP Cybersecurity Services at Nominet:

“The rapid proliferation of the Internet of Things creates a headache for security departments – as the IoT creates a series of new access points for hackers and new vulnerabilities to be wary of. So, perhaps, it’s no surprise that a company like BlackBerry has signalled a new seriousness around IoT security by announcing they will be leasing out their security software to help secure new devices.

“Since the early days of the IoT, it has been predicted that the solution to the security issues around it would consist of a suite of programmes. Across the board, suppliers and consumers need to take the initiative when it comes to cyber security. Consumers can protect themselves with basic steps such as ensuring good password practice and being wary of what IoT devices they are connected to. To help secure information in the new IoT world it will take everyone working together to achieve the best outcomes.”

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