The recent news (see link below) about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) security breach reinforces an urgent issue for CIOs/IT staff worldwide – companies must do a better job of protecting their employees – as well as customers — against both digital and physical data breaches.

CBC is Canada’s oldest existing broadcasting network in Canada and one of the world’s major broadcasting organizations, operating national radio and television networks in both English and French. Anthony James, CMO at CipherCloud commented below.

Anthony James, CMO at CipherCloud:

“The CBC break-in shows that even on-premise data centers cannot provide all of the security you need all of the time. Rapidly evolving best practices to secure data suggest that all of this personal and financial data should have been secured using end-to-end encryption. If you encrypt all of your data, unauthorized access is of little to no consequence. Data which is encrypted and stolen is not considered breached as it is completely unusable by the thieves. This is effectively a “safe harbor” that protects you against impact to your reputation. Under the toughest compliance regulations in the world there is absolutely no need to notify customers if a cyberattacker or malicious insider gets hold of encrypted data.”


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