Commentary On DeathRansom From AT&T Alien Labs

As part of our expert comment series, please find below commentary from an AT&T Alien Labs researcher on a new strain of ransomware called DeathRansom, which, according to Bleeping Computer, is beginning to make a name for itself. Passing along the below commentary in case you’re covering the ransomware now or in the future when an organization gets hit with an attack.

Experts Comments

November 27, 2019
Tom Hegel
Security Researcher
AT&T Alien Labs
DeathRansom is yet another family of ransomware among the sea of them. Attackers continue to see success in creating poorly functioning malware because victims are still paying out. Until organizations have backups and improved security controls and habits, new ransomware will remain a near daily event. Seeing DeathRansom first go live without encryption functionality and later correcting it is an example of them attempting to improve payout and potentially aim for larger scale attack campaigns.
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