Following the news that the Equifax breach affected millions more consumers than originally reported, bringing the total to almost 147.9 million people – almost half the US population. Matt Dircks, CEO at Bomgar commented below.

Matt Dircks, CEO at Bomgar:

“The seemingly ever-growing extent of the Equifax breach should serve as a reminder that companies cannot afford to be complacent in the face of cyberthreats.

In the majority of breaches, attackers use a stolen or weak password to gain a foothold into the network. It’s critical that all credentials to privileged accounts be secured via multi-factor authentication and strong password management policies, including frequent rotation of privileged credentials. In addition, companies must employ technologies that control, facilitate, and monitor access to privileged systems and data which can aid significantly in detecting intrusion before serious damages occur.

We can only hope that others in the industry heed the fallout from the Equifax incident and other recent breaches, and take the necessary steps to protect their privileged information, their customers, and in some cases their careers.”

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