Expert Insight on Swedish Newspapers Knocked Out

Following the news that the online editions of principal Swedish newspapers were knocked out for several hours by a cyber attack during the weekend, Igal Zeifman, Senior Digital Strategist at Imperva provides insight:

Igal Zeifman, Senior Digital Strategist at Imperva:

“We have seen an increase in what we term intimidation attacks using DDoS. These are meant to either retaliate against press and bloggers, or scare off others who might pick up a certain story. These attacks can have significant impact on the business operations of a media outlet, not to mention the freedom of the press. And with the size of attacks we’ve seen over the past two quarters, relying on bandwidth over provisioning or a CDN to blunt the blow are not adequate.

In our DDoS ecosystem infographic, this type of person would be called “The Intimidator.” Here’s a link:
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