Expert On News That Hackers Claim They Can Now Jailbreak Apple’s T2 Security Chip

By combining two exploits initially developed for jailbreaking iPhones, security researchers claim they can also jailbreak Macs and MacBook devices that include Apple’s latest line of T2 security chips. While exploitation is still pretty complex, the technique of combining the two exploits has been mentioned on Twitter and Reddit over the past few weeks, having been tested and confirmed by several of today’s top Apple security and jailbreaking experts. If exploited correctly, this jailbreaking technique allows users/attackers to gain full control over their devices to modify core OS behavior or be used to retrieve sensitive or encrypted data, and even plant malware.

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Experts Comments

October 07, 2020
Chris Hauk
Consumer Privacy Champion
Pixel Privacy
While the T2 security chip is certainly a serious issue, it does require physical access to the Mac in order to pull off the hack. Mac users need to take steps to ensure that malicious third-parties don't have access to their computers. This includes never leaving their Mac unattended in a public place, or plugging unknown USB-C cables (including publicly-accessible chargers) into their computers.
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