A new ransomware has been circulating that spoofs the FBI to lend an air of legitimacy to the ransom demand, according to a blog post from CheckPoint. This malware was originally seen back in September 2018, and acts as a dropper to spread malware and take control of Android devices. After successfully infecting an Android device, the ransomware encrypts files and then displays a ransom note in a browser window, claiming to be an official message from the FBI that accuses the victim of owing and storing pornography.

Experts Comments

April 29, 2020
Jake Moore
Cybersecurity Specialist
There’s no doubt that mobile phone ransomware is becoming more sophisticated and more destructive as criminals develop their craft. However, people must remain vigilant and only download known and reviewed applications. This particular app was disguised well as a game but then by persuading you to actively click on the malware, it still requires user interaction. Users are reminded to always check before clicking on anything that requests OS interaction other than a simple app download.
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