Experts Comments: Phishing Campaign Targets Precision Engineering Company

BleepingComputer reported that attackers have targeted precision companies in Italy with phishing that is difficult to spot. The final payload is a fileless trojan that harvests credentials. The campaign used a legitimate-looking Microsoft Excel spreadsheet embedded with exploit code that moves silently to infect the computer.

Unlike the run-of-the-mill methods of infection that involve a Microsoft Office document, the cybercriminals behind this campaign did not embed malicious macro code in the Excel file, which would call for user interaction.

Instead, they opted for a stealthier variant: an exploit for a remote code execution security bug that would run automatically run code on the victim computer without user intervention as soon as the document was opened.

Experts Comments

October 31, 2019
Nigel Stanley
TUV Rheinland
Users will rarely spot such a particularly well-crafted phishing email like this, so this highlights the relentless need to patch systems and keep cyber hygiene up to scratch - boring, but necessary. The fact that the exploit had been identified and fixed 2 years ago should raise some questions in that business about their cybersecurity controls as a matter of urgency. Failing to manage cybersecurity risk could very likely impact their future orders and business.
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