Experts On ‘Lamphone’ Hack Uses Lightbulb Vibrations To Eavesdrop On Homes

A new hack allowed researchers to discern sound — including “Let it Be” by the Beatles, and audio from a Donald Trump speech — from lightbulb vibrations. Researchers have discovered a novel way to spy on conversations that are happening in houses from almost a hundred feet away. The hack stems simply from a lightbulb hanging in the home. The hack, dubbed “lamphone,” is performed by analyzing the tiny vibrations of a hanging lightbulb, which are caused by nearby sounds. All an attacker would need is a laptop, as well as a telescope and an electro-optical sensor (altogether costing less than $1,000). They would also need to set up near the window of a room that contains the hanging lightbulb.

Experts Comments

June 17, 2020
Paul Bischoff
Privacy Advocate
The lamphone attack is certainly interesting but ultimately not something average people should worry about. This is a proof of concept attack and not something that cybercriminals are using out in the wild. It's not easy nor profitable compared to other attacks, so unless you're the target of an organised crime group or nation-state actor, you can keep your lights on.
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