Experts On News: Reddit hacked and defaced with pro-Trump messages

Reddit Inc. is the latest company to be hacked, with some 70 groups on the site defaced with pro-Donald Trump messages. The hack occurred on Friday and involved those behind the attack accessing accounts belonging to moderators of popular subreddits with millions of subscribers, including r/space, r/food, r/Japan, r/nfl, r/cfb and r/podcasts. The messages posted by the hackers were pro-Trump in both English and simplified Chinese text. The Chinese text in one case asked whether former President Barack Obama was a Kenyan, a reference to so-called “birther” conspiracy theories, along with a shout-out to YouTuber David Pakman. How the accounts were compromised is unknown, but Reddit said it was investigating the incident. On a support thread, Reddit did note that the moderators of the compromised subreddits had not been using two-factor authentication on their accounts. The same thread also added that users should look for signs of a compromise, including an email notification that their password or email address on their account had been changed.

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