Half Of UK Businesses Suffer From A Basic Cyber Security Skills Gap

A government report has shown that half of UK businesses suffer from a basic cybersecurity skills gap. Setting up configured firewalls, storing or transferring personal data, and detecting and removing malware, are among the most common skills lacking in approximately 653,000 businesses. Additionally, 64% of cybersecurity firms have faced problems with a technical skills gap, either among existing staff or among job applicants for vacant positions.

Experts Comments

March 13, 2020
Jake Moore
Cybersecurity Specialist
The skills gap is intrinsically linked to the supported funding from a basic level. Financially backing projects and education from the ground up is the only way we will watch the skills gap reduce. Graduate schemes, apprenticeships and employing more new starters all help in the process too. STEM projects in schools help build a future of more skilled people but the more investment now will make the future a far stronger and better protected environment for businesses in a few years’ time.
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