Newly reported ‘Linux/IRCTelnet’ malware? allows hackers to transform vulnerable IoT devices into slaves for DDos attacks. (Researchers this week posted an analysis on the Malware must die blog). Mike Pittenger, Vice President of Security Strategy at Black Duck Software commented below.

Mike Pittenger, Vice President of Security Strategy at Black Duck Software:

Mike Pittenger“The issue is not a vulnerability (per se) in these devices, but an architectural flaw in that they don’t require the default password to be changed, and passwords can be bypassed using Telnet.  As I recently blogged (“Warning to The Internet of Things – Send Lawyers, Gun & Money“) Unsecure IoT devices are putting the Internet, and those services that depend on a reliable communication channel, at risk.  A reasonable company, to use the due care standard, would not build and sell a car without brakes. At what point are companies that put our infrastructure at risk held accountable? I think we’re going to see that happen soon.”

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