Most Commonly Used Passwords Of 2018

Yesterday SplashData revealed its annual list – which included ‘123456’ and ‘password’ – of the most commonly used passwords of the year,. In response to this, Jake Moore, cyber security expert at ESET, had the following comment.

Jake Moore, Cyber Security Expert at ESET:

“With over 925 million cyber-attacks in September 2018 alone, I think it’s fair to say everyone needs to up their password game in 2019 and think more carefully about online security. However, this needn’t just be a dig at the account holders, websites need to ban simple and overused passwords. At the risk of upsetting convenience, being forced to use a complex password will help shed light on the subject and overtime build confidence. Using a password manager is a great way to start and they will help out if you’re ever stuck for thinking up a complex strong and unique password.”

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