Manoj Asnani, VP Product and Design at Balbix:

“This leak is yet another example of an organization that is in the dark about where its critical data is exposed. Unrestricted public access to critical servers should never have been allowed — but with the complexity and scale of the IT environment, some of the most obvious issues are missed by security professionals. AI and automation are needed to surface these security holes. A predictive breach platform could have highlighted unfettered web access to critical customer data and prevented this breach.”


Mike Schuricht, VP Product Management at Bitglass:

“AWS may have bolstered its native security features, but that doesn’t mean the frequency of data leaks will subside. The real solution to limiting the impact of these leaks lies in securing the data itself. Specialized data-centric security tools can be much more effective than relying solely on native security capabilities. These specialized tools for the public cloud can check for app misconfigurations, deny unauthorized access, and encrypt sensitive data at rest.”

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