NCSC Starts Campaign To Help Industry Fight Foreign State Threats

It has been reported that the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) has launched a program aimed at helping U.S. companies protect themselves from cyber-attacks or other threats from foreign nation-state actors. The NCSC is now sharing materials on how firms can guard themselves against threats to the supply chain — or components manufactured outside of the U.S. — spear-phishing campaigns and economic espionage, like the theft of intellectual property.

Expert comments below:

Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate at Comparitech:

“Spear phishing, supply chain security, and social media deception are all real and growing risks to US enterprises, but I’m doubtful as to whether the NCSC publishing a few videos and brochures will actually help raise awareness all that much. There is some irony in one of the US government’s main hacking agencies giving advice on how not to get hacked.”

Experts Comments

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