New Ursnif Bank Trojan Using Fileless Infection To Steal Pws & Remain Undetected

In response to an update from researchers on a new variant of the password-stealing Ursnif bank trojan that employs “fileless persistence which makes it difficult for traditional anti-virus techniques to filter out the C2 traffic from normal traffic,” an expert with Virsec offers perspective.

Expert Comments below:

Ray DeMeo, Co-Founder and COO at Virsec:

“This is just the latest example of how anti-virus and signature-based security tools are easily bypassed by creative hackers. There are hundreds of sophisticated hacker tools readily available, that can be morphed into endless numbers of new-looking attacks with new signatures that aren’t recognized. We need to assume these threats will continue to get through and focus on stopping what the attackers are trying to achieve – corrupting applications, stealing valuable data or causing business disruption. We need to move beyond endless threat chasing to definitively protect the crown jewels – critical applications and infrastructure.”

Experts Comments

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