Passwordless Authentication Does Not Equate To Biometrics In The Workplace

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Michael.tanaka , Chief Commercial Operator
InfoSec Expert
July 26, 2022 12:00 pm

“It is fast becoming accepted that the password no longer represents the future of authentication. Many people believe that biometrics will become the de-facto standard for authentication but we believe the market is far more nuanced than that. The data shared today, indicating that in seven years since the release of ‘Hello’, only 11% of the windows ecosystem use biometrics to authenticate, highlights the slow adoption and challenges that face any passwordless technology. User complexity, device dependencies, cost and data privacy all have to be factored into the equation. Clearly Biometrics have a role to play in both verifying a users identity and further authenticating them to services later on, but there will be many situations where it is not the technology of choice and other technologies will prevail. A single-step passwordless MFA that is both easy to use and deploy is ideal for organisations of any size.”

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