New research released today has illustrated the fact that Infosec executives view ransomware and DDoS attacks as the biggest security threat to their organisations. Eyal Benishti, CEO & Founder at IRONSCALES commented below.

Eyal Benishti, CEO & Founder at IRONSCALES: 

“It is surprising to see infosec executives seemingly discount phishing as one of, if not the biggest, security threats an organisation can face. Phishing attacks remain the most popular attack vectors for cybercriminals, and the proof of their success really is in the pudding with 90-95% of all successful cyberattacks in 2017 can be traced back to a phishing email. The reality is that ‘Phishing-as-a-Service’ kits are readily available for any novice hacker to purchase and, with spoofing and impersonation techniques becoming more sophisticated in their nature, malicious emails continue to bypass traditional gateway security, land in employees inbox’s, and subsequently leave organisations just one click away from what could be a cybersecurity nightmare. By disregarding phishing as a legitimate, pressing threat to organisations, executives are simply offering themselves and their employees out as an easy catch.”

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