Popular ‘Town Of Salem’ Game Suffers Huge Data Breach

n light of the news that a popular browser-based game called ‘Town of Salem’ suffered a data breach last week in which the personal details of 7.6 million users were stolen, please see the below comment from Jake Moore, cyber security expert at ESET UK.

Jake Moore, Cyber Security Expert at ESET UK:

“I would suggest this was a pre-planned time of year to release the data to maximise the impact on the community who have had the data stolen.

Data breaches like this are far too commonplace nowadays, with an increasing number of people affected each time. However, hopefully there has been enough time to make everyone aware of the situation and they have taken the holiday break to change their passwords.

This sort of data is extremely valuable to many people and it can usually have a huge price tag associated with it for some time.”

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