Ransomware Threatens Production of 300 Ventilators Per Day

The DoppelPaymer gang deployed a ransomware attack against ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The FDA-approved Coronavirus ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies has been targeted by ransomware launched by the DoppelPaymer gang, who are threatening to leak data from the company. Cointelegraph has viewed the DoppelPaymer blog, where the gang lists example files of the data stolen during the attack, including sales and purchase orders, assignment forms, among others. The cybercriminals have threatened that more information will be disclosed next week through the site if an undisclosed crypto ransom is not paid by the firm.

Experts Comments

August 12, 2020
Paul Bischoff
Privacy Advocate
It's sad to see some hackers sinking so low as to target critical life-saving equipment manufacturers that are trying to keep up with demand due to COVID-19. But to be clear, the attack targeted Boyce's sales data, and not the devices themselves. So far as we know, no ventilators are compromised and they should still be safe to use.
August 12, 2020
Chris Hauk
Consumer Privacy Champion
Pixel Privacy
It's sad to see that attacks on the healthcare sector continue to increase amid the COVID-19 crisis. As a politician once said, "never let a good crisis go to waste," and the bad actors of the world are certainly capitalising on the COVID-19 crisis. The DoppelPaymer gang uses a brute force technique for attacking a target company's systems management server. This underscores the security issues involved in ensuring that a company adheres to best practices to harden their computing environments.
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