Christy Wyatt, CEO at Absolute: 

The level of ransomware attacks continue to evolve, and are more sophisticated than ever. Hackers can simply disable security controls and tear down protection against vulnerabilities in their wake. In fact, seventy percent of all breaches are the result of known vulnerabilities that enterprises took too long to patch. Just as startling – it can take anywhere from 39 to 340 days for companies to address the vulnerability, leaving businesses exposed for a wide range of chaos to wreak havoc on their data, security and reputation.  

Enterprises today have deployed more security controls than ever, an average of ten security agents per device, according to our recent study, which is leading to increased spend, complexity and creating a false sense of security. These controls are being removed, malfunctioning, and decaying over time. Without Enterprise Resilience embedded within the core security framework making security controls immovable, customers remain exposed. 


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