Record Year For UK Cyber Investment, Expert Weighs In

According to Annual Cyber Sector Reportthe security industry has contributed £5.3bn to the country during 2021, a 33% relative increase compared to what it was in 2020 and 12.5% over 2017 – which is the earliest date that statistics have been available publicly. The findings showed that people operating in this space added more value to the nation’s economy than healthcare, energy and pharmaceutical sectors combined.

There are approximately 1,840 active firms that employ the top cybersecurity personnel in the country. 50% of them are outside London and the South East. Each on-staff is worth roughly $180,000.

Experts Comments

February 17, 2022
Jake Moore
Cybersecurity Specialist

The cybersecurity industry is booming and the increase in expenditure is a sign that decision makers are acutely aware of the importance of investment. The protection of systems and staff has been duly understood exponentially over the last decade but firms also realise the risk of becoming complacent and therefore we are likely to see this investment continue in efforts to combat the ever more sophisticated threats.

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