Samsung S10 Face Unlock Flaws

Samsung could no longer offer the sophisticated recognition system based on face and iris scan the company is working for the last few years as officially confirmed last month. Instead, the company is offering more basic face unlock functionality on its new Samsung’s Galaxy 10 offering which has been found to be very easy to bypass.   

Expert Comments below:   

Cary Gibbs, Regional Director of EMEA channels at Tripwire:

“Vendors and manufacturers have a responsibility towards private individuals who purchase their products. People who aren’t necessarily as versed in the technical details of the features their device offers may unknowingly leave their phones exposed to hacks by choosing forms of authentications they don’t know to be flawed. It is important that Samsung informs customers of the risks they may incur if they opt for face recognition as their main authentication method, and that Samsung advises consumers to opt for a more secure one.” 





Experts Comments

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