Reports have surfaced of a new vulnerability in voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, meaning theyare potentially vulnerable to hackers. The DolphinAttack, could allow cybercriminals to whisper commands into smartphones digital assistants to hijack them. Ofer Maor, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Synopsys commented below.

Ofer Maor, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Synopsys:

 “While many of the commands we use with Alexa, Siri, and similar devices may not have a real impact of being hacked in this way, the more we integrate these devices with our smart homes, the more such attacks may become an issue. For instance, we see more and more “smart locks” offering voice integration with commands such as “Alexa, open the door”. While the convenience factor here is clear, being able to send such embedded commands could allow us to open the door or a gate or any other sort of mechanism designed to deter intruders. Another layer of such commands is integration with security cameras and security alarms, which again, can be turned on and off as well as configured via voice commands.”

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