Following the news that hackers in Germany have exploited flaws in SS7, please see expert comment from Mark Windle, Strategy and Marketing Director, Security at Mavenir commented below.

Mark Windle, Strategy and Marketing Director, Security at Mavenir:

isbuzz-author-male_1 “SS7 exploits just reached a new level. News of the first real bank hack executed using SS7 loopholes will serve as a real warning to the mobile community. Operators are already collaborating to better understand the ways in which vulnerabilities can be exploited, and mitigate them. This latest assault will not be easily ignored and now, more than ever, providers will be looking to vendor solutions to protect customers, their networks and vulnerable areas.”

“Legacy SS7 technology may eventually be replaced by Diameter or SIP, but SS7 will be around for at least the next 10 years, and simply closing a protocol isn’t the solution. As long as there is national and international interconnect access, the window will still be there. In the meantime, by continuing to address security flaws in signaling protocols by using an optimal, multi-layer solution, operators can increase subscriber trust levels, decrease churn rates and, most importantly, protect mobile devices.”

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