Trump Administration Takes Steps Towards New Data Privacy Policy

Following the news that the Trump administration has taken its first steps towards crafting a nationwide data privacy policy, Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate at Comparitech, discusses whether a uniform national approach is realistic, why this is important and the possible implications for consumers and companies.

Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate at Comparitech:

“A uniform approach to data privacy is achievable. Most states are moving in the same direction when it comes to online privacy protections. Some are just further ahead than others. For example, as of this year, all states now have breach disclosure laws.

Internet companies often do not require their physical location to be in the same place as where they are incorporated. It’s too easy for these companies to simply choose a state with fewer privacy laws because they don’t require a physical presence in that state.

Overall, I think the focus of discussion should be on this outcome: “users should be able to exercise control over the personal information they provide to organizations.” The degree and scope of control that a user has could have huge implications for both consumers and companies. It could force a lot of internet companies to rethink their business models, especially advertising-based ones that rely on targeted data. Companies will also have to create systems to deal with user requests for information in order to comply.”

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