Trump Has Signed An Order Relaxing Rules Around The Use Of Cyber-Weapons

President Trump has relaxed the US’ cyber attacks rules and web security company High-Tech Bridge’s CEO Ilia Kolochenko commented below.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge:

“I have no doubts that the underlying motives of this decision are colourable and purport to bring peace and prosperity. However, I think the decision will inevitable escalate an already tense situation amongst nation states. Following the US example, many other countries may consider this option, virtually declaring cyber war on each other.

In a worst case scenario, the future may resemble the chemical weapon usage during World War I: once countries finally understood the evil they had unleashed, millions of people had already died in suffering. Today, well prepared cyber-attacks against critical infrastructures can cause many millions of deaths and trillions in damages in all countries including the US. Bad peace is always better than a good war, however, it will probably take some time before everyone agrees with that.”

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