In light of the news from GCHQ this morning that hackers may have compromised the UK energy grid in June- please find a comment below from Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director for Western Europe at Infoblox on why this news should not come as a surprise.

Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director for Western Europe at Infoblox:

 “The news that hackers may have successfully infiltrated the UK’s energy grid should not come as a surprise. The reality is that our critical infrastructure points are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attack. The lifecycle of our infrastructure systems are such that they are not going to be in sync with the rapid rate at which the IT industry discovers vulnerabilities and issues patches.

The security implication is clear: we need to have a robust defence-in-depth strategy which provides both protection against compromise, and the ability to indicate unusual or potentially malicious activity not just at a device level, but also at a network level.  Given the importance of our national infrastructure, it’s critical that we get this right.”

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