UK Government Announces £100m Investment To Improve IoT Security

The UK government has announced a total of £100m investment into improving the security of hardware, chip devices and IoT technology to promote ‘security by design’ for all IoT devices used by businesses and individuals.

Up to £70 million has been promised through the government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to support research into the infusion of security and protection solutions into hardware and chip designs at the development stage. At the same time, the government has also promised to invest a further £30 million to ensure the safety and security of Internet-connected smart devices, 420 million of which would be deployed across the UK within the next three years.

Experts Comments below:

Iván Blesa, Director of Technology at Berry Technologies:

This is really good news for the security industry, as IoT has traditionally not enforced a security by design approach. As billions of new devices are connected to the Internet every year, the size of the IoT challenge is immense. Including security in the design of products is the first step towards a more secure Internet. But the scale of the challenge will require new security approaches and technologies like deep learning to be applied to be able to cope with the complexity, scale and volume of the problem.

Experts Comments

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