Jean Paul Smets
CEO and Co-Founder


Jean Paul is an entrepreneur, with 20 year experience and success in enterprise open source software for B2B markets. As Founder and CEO At Rapid.Space, he leads product and business development . Before Rapid.Space, Jean Paul founded Nexedi S.A the largest FLOSS publisher in the EU (4 M€ income). He founded VIFIB which invented edge computing in 2009 and contributed its technology to Rapid.Space. He holds a PhD in computer science, graduated from ENS Ulm and joined "corps des mines".

Open Source, Free Software,,Linux, ERP, CRM, CMS, KM, e-business, ERP5, SlapOS, re6st, Wendelin, scikit-learn, MariaDB, MySQL, NoSQL, Python, Web, Management Consulting, Strategic Digital Reengineering.

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