FBI Detains Owner Of Notorious Cybercrime Forum, BreachForums

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Mar 20, 2023 04:29 am PST

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, a 26-year-old native of New York, has been detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for running BreachForums. Hackers sell their stolen data and confidential information on this notorious cybercrime forum. Charges of computer crime, identity theft, and access device fraud led to Fitzpatrick’s detention.

A dark web community called BreachForums is well known for hosting dialogues about hacking, data breaches, and other cybercrimes. Cybercriminals frequently use it as a venue to exchange tools, techniques, and stolen data. Since it first appeared in 2011, the forum has been connected to a number of cyberattacks and data leaks. According to the FBI, BreachForums had more than 30,000 users at the time of Fitzpatrick’s arrest.

The BreachForums website has served as a center for sharing knowledge, resources, and strategies among cybercriminals for several years. The website, which the FBI claims had over 12,000 registered users, served as a market for purchasing and selling stolen data, including login passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers. The website also offered instructions on how to conduct crimes like phishing, hacking, and spreading malware.

Fitzpatrick’s arrest, who went by his online moniker “pompompurin,” represents a major victory for law enforcement in the struggle against cybercrime. Fitzpatrick was acknowledged as the BreachForums supervisor, in charge of upholding the website’s technical foundation and safety precautions.

Role Of Fitzpatrick In BreachForums And FBI Investigation

Fitzpatrick was the owner and director of BreachForums, according to the FBI. He was in charge of website upkeep, user account administration, and conversation moderating. The FBI claims that Fitzpatrick made money off the website by granting users access to services, tools, and data that were actually taken. 

In 2021, the FBI started looking into BreachForums after learning that the website had been the source of several high-profile data leaks. The servers for the website were in Canada, and the FBI secured a warrant to seize them and examine the information on them.

The FBI reportedly found proof that Fitzpatrick had stolen, sold, and made tens of thousands of dollars from his illegal activities. This information is stated in court papers. The investigation also turned up evidence that Fitzpatrick had threatened and intimidated users who attempted to expose his illegal activities by using his authority as the website’s administrator.

Fitzpatrick’s online interactions and activity are thought to have helped the FBI locate him. The FBI still needs to provide information on how they were able to identify Fitzpatrick as the administrator of BreachForums.

Arrest Of Fitzpatrick

The FBI and international law enforcement organizations collaborated on the probe that led to Fitzpatrick’s arrest. According to reports, the probe got underway in 2021 after the FBI learned about BreachForums from a secret source. The FBI was able to spy on the forum and obtain proof of Fitzpatrick’s participation.

FBI agents took Fitzpatrick into custody after a raid on his Manhattan residence on March 14, 2023. Fitzpatrick was charged with wire theft and brought before a federal magistrate in Manhattan, access device fraud, and computer crime. He was released after filing a $500,000 bail but is not permitted to use computers or other electronic devices.

The cybersecurity community has praised Fitzpatrick’s capture, viewing it as a major setback for cybercrime. The closure of BreachForums, one of the biggest and busiest cybercrime forums on the dark web, will make it harder for hackers to exchange stolen data and know-how.

Some experts have cautioned that the closure of BreachForums might not have a lasting effect on cybercrime. On the dark web, there are still a lot of other cybercrime sites, so the closure of one website might encourage the development of new ones.

Consequences of Cybercrime And Other Data Breaches

Cybercriminals now have an easier time committing their crimes thanks to the internet, and websites like BreachForums give them a stage to share their stolen data, methods, and tools. This can include login information, private data, payment card information, and other sensitive information. Cybercriminals can use this data to conduct phishing scams, identity theft, and other deceptive activities.

The financial loss incurred by businesses and people as a result of data breaches and cybercrime is one of their most significant effects. According to a report by IBM, the average expense of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million. This price covers the expense of remediation, company financial losses, and reputational harm.

Cybercrime is expected to become increasingly complex and pervasive as technology develops. For instance, as the Internet of Things grows, cybercriminals will have more chances to take advantage of flaws in connected devices. The impact of cybercrime on victims is also expected to worsen as more financial and personal information is stored online.

Therefore, it’s crucial that people and organizations adopt preventative measures to safeguard themselves against cybercrime. Using secure passwords, keeping the software and operating systems up to date, and exercising caution when disclosing confidential information online are a few examples of how to do this.

It’s crucial for cybercrime victims to look for assistance and resources to aid in their recovery from the psychological and financial effects of the crime. This may entail getting therapy or counseling, reporting the crime to the police, and working with financial institutions to reclaim any money that has been stolen.


Conor Brian Fitzpatrick’s arrest represents a major win for law enforcement in the struggle against cybercrime. BreachForums, run by Fitzpatrick, made it easier for people to trade stolen data and personal information, which cost people and companies millions of dollars. Although the closure of BreachForums is a move in the right direction, it is unlikely to end cybercrime. Law enforcement agencies must be vigilant in their efforts to stop cybercriminals because they are constantly coming up with new methods to take advantage of flaws and steal data.

The detention of Fitzpatrick serves as a warning that combating cybercrime necessitates a concerted and sustained effort. People and companies must take precautions to safeguard themselves against cyber threats, such as using strong passwords, frequently updating software, and being wary of shady emails and messages. We can only expect to keep up with cybercriminals and protect our data and information by banding together.

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