Ferrari Reveals Data Breach After Getting Ransom Demand

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Mar 21, 2023 03:09 am PST

Ferrari, a luxury automaker, admitted a data leak after hackers demanded a ransom. The event occurred last month, and the company is cooperating with law police to investigate. The Italian automaker said in a statement that the breach only involved a small number of workers’ personal information, which the attackers stole. According to the firm, there was no effect on its business operations, and it has already taken steps to secure its systems and stop any further attacks.

The cybercriminal group REvil, which is thought to be responsible for several high-profile attacks in recent months, is said to have made the ransom claim. The organization is well-known for encrypting the data of victims with ransomware and then requesting payment in exchange for a decryption key.

The one on Ferrari is the most recent in a string of cyberattacks on major businesses and groups. Earlier this year, a ransomware assault on the Colonial Pipeline resulted in widespread fuel shortages and the brief shutdown of the pipeline.

Ferrari’s disclosure of the breach is part of an increasing corporate tendency to be more open about cyber incidents. Businesses are under growing pressure to be transparent and honest about the steps they are taking to protect their data and systems as cyber-attacks increase in frequency and sophistication.

The Ferrari Data Breach Details

Ferrari has not provided many specifics about the data breach, but it is assumed that the attackers stole a small number of employees’ personal information. This might contain private data like names, residences, and social security numbers.

The automaker claims that the breach had no effect on its business operations and has already taken measures to protect its systems and stop further incidents. Uncertainty exists regarding the company’s payment of the money requested by the hackers.

Several recent high-profile attacks have been connected to the notorious cybercriminal organization REvil. The organization is well known for encrypting victims’ data with ransomware and then requesting payment in exchange for a decryption key.

Several significant cyberattacks, including the ransomware assault on JBS, one of the biggest meat processors in the world, and the hack of IT management firm Kaseya, have been attributed to REvil. In both instances, the hackers requested large ransom payments in return for the safe return of the data they had stolen.

The assault on Ferrari is only the most recent in a string of cyber incidents that target major businesses and institutions. Cyberattacks have increased in frequency and sophistication in recent years, with hackers employing ever-more-advanced strategies to breach businesses’ defenses.

Businesses need to deal with social engineering attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, phishing scams, and other cyber threats in addition to ransomware assaults. These assaults, which can be challenging to identify and mitigate, have the potential to cause data breaches, monetary losses, and reputational harm.

The Importance of Transparency in Cybersecurity

A growing tendency among businesses is for them to be more open about cyber incidents, and Ferrari is following this trend by disclosing the data breach. Businesses are under growing pressure to be transparent and honest about the steps they take to protect their data and systems as cyber-attacks increase regularly.

Transparency can serve as a deterrent to potential attackers and help to establish confidence with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

The need for cybersecurity training is one of the major problems that the Ferrari data breach has brought to light. Cybersecurity experts claim that human error, such as workers falling for phishing scams or using weak passwords, is to blame for the majority of data breaches.

Companies need to spend money on cybersecurity training to inform their staff about the dangers of cyberattacks and how to defend against them. This includes instruction on how to spot and report suspicious behavior and classes on phishing awareness and password security.

Having workers who are aware of the risks and enabled to take action to prevent cyber incidents can help an organization develop a culture of security. 

The Growing Ransomware Threat

The growing threat of ransomware is a significant problem that the Ferrari data breach brought to light. A form of malware known as ransomware encrypts a victim’s files and requests money in return for the decryption key. Ransomware attacks have increased in frequency over the past few years, with hackers targeting a variety of companies, from startups to major corporations.

In the case of Ferrari, the attackers demanded a ransom to prevent them from disclosing the data they had taken. The incident emphasizes the potential harm that ransomware attacks can do to a company’s image and finances, even though Ferrari has claimed that it did not pay the ransom and that no customer data was compromised.

Businesses must adopt a multi-layered strategy for cybersecurity if they want to be protected from ransomware attacks. This entails putting in place robust security safeguards like firewalls and antivirus software, frequently backing up data, and training staff on how to spot and avoid ransomware attacks.

The Value of Planning for Incident Response

The Ferrari data leak also emphasizes the significance of incident reaction planning. Creating an action plan for reacting to cyber incidents, including who to contact, what to do, and how to reduce the effect of the incident, is known as incident response planning.

Companies can react to cyber incidents quickly and effectively, minimizing damage and downtime, by having a strong incident response plan in place. This can entail actions like removing impacted systems from the network, alerting interested parties and clients, and carrying out a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the reason for the incident and stop it from happening again in the future.


The Ferrari data breach serves as an alarming indication of the danger of cyberattacks, which is increasing, and the value of cybersecurity for companies of all sizes. Companies must adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity by investing in the newest technologies, best practices, and staff training as cybercriminals become more skilled and aggressive.

The incident also emphasizes the necessity of openness in cybersecurity, a multi-layered security strategy, incident response planning, and the reduction of risks related to cybercrime. By taking these actions, businesses can show their dedication to cybersecurity and the protection of the data of their stakeholders while safeguarding their data and systems from the constantly changing threat of cyberattacks.

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Rob Bolton
Rob Bolton , VP EMEA
InfoSec Expert
March 23, 2023 3:19 pm

“First of all, it should be praised that Ferrari have come out and confirmed they will not pay any ransom demand. It is essential that organisations in similar situations do the same. Paying ransom demands is no guarantee that stolen data will be returned, and it will only help fund future ransomware activity.

Even though the ransom has not been paid, there will still be concern among customers not knowing who has access to their data and what they’re using it for. Stolen employee data usually ends up being sold on the dark web and can be used to commit further crimes such as identity theft and fraud.

Ultimately, it is essential for organisations to use technologies such as unified SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) to keep your client data safe and not let it become a toxic liability. SASE provides security teams with complete visibility across their entire network, including all endpoints and connected devices, as well as implement security controls such as network segmentation, to limit the movement of malware and mitigate the impact of attacks.”

Last edited 2 months ago by Rob.Bolton

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