Hot Israeli Companies on the Cybersecurity 500

By   Steve Morgan
Founder of Cybersecurity Ventures and Editor-in-Chief at Cybercrime Magazine , Cybersecurity Ventures | Jun 09, 2015 07:00 pm PST

There are 16 companies from Israel on Cybersecurity Ventures’ Cybersecurity 500 list of the world’s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies.

Long known as a hotbed for cybersecurity, Israel produces cutting edge technology used to defend and protect corporations and nations globally.

The Israeli companies with their listed positions, market categories, and locations:

#28, CyberArk, Cyber Threat Protection, Petach-Tikva, Israel

#39, Check Point Software, Unified Threat Management, Tel Aviv, Israel

#68,     Checkmarx, Software Development Security            Tel-Aviv, Israel

#100, Seculert, Cloud-Based Malware Protection, Petach-Tikva, Israel

#193, SENTRIX, Web Application Security, Kfar Neter, Israel

#199, TrapX Security, Threat Detection & Prevention, Tel-Aviv, Israel

#202, Skycure, Mobile Device Protection, Tel Aviv, Israel

#249, Radware, Application Security & Delivery, Tel Aviv Israel

#277, Light Cyber, Predictive Breach Detection, Ramat Gan, Israel

#298, GreenSQL, Database Security & Compliance, Bnei Berak, Israel

#328, GuardiCore, Data Center Security, Tel-Aviv, Israel

#333, Cyactive, Malware Detection & Protection, Be’er Sheva, Israel

#407, Waterfall, Cybersecurity for NERC-CIP Compliance, Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel

#421, SentinelOne, Endpoint Protection Platform, Bnei Berak, Israel

#435, 6Scan, Website Security & Malware Quarantine, Tel Aviv, Israel

#473, Minereye, Self-Learning Data Protection, Tel Aviv, Israel

The United Kingdom and Israel have the most non-U.S. companies listed on the Cybersecurity 500 in Q2.

22% of the Cybersecurity 500 listed companies (110 companies) in Q2 had international (non-U.S.) headquarters, a substantial increase over the Q1 2015 list. Countries outside the U.S. with companies listed are: United Kingdom (20 companies); Israel (16); Canada (13); Germany (12); France (5); Ireland, The Netherlands, Denmark (4 each); Finland, China, Australia, Brazil (3 each); Italy, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, South Korea; Argentina (2 each); and Russia, Slovakia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Czech Republic, Singapore, Portugal (1 each).

The Cybersecurity 500 is updated quarterly.  The Q3 list will be announced at the beginning of July.

By Steve Morgan

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Steven C. Morgan

Steve Morgan is founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures and editor-in-chief of the Cybersecurity Market Report and the Cybersecurity 500 list of the world’s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies.  Steve is a contributor writer for Information Security Buzz, IDG’s CSO, Homeland Security Today,, and other business, technology, and cybersecurity media properties.

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