DevOps & SRE Tools for 2024



This presentation offers a comprehensive examination of the evolving landscapes of DevOps and SRE tools as we approach 2024. The focus is on understanding how industries are embracing efficiency, scalability, and reliability in software development and operations. We will journey through an exploration of new generation tools across various domains such as Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD), Monitoring and Observability, Infrastructure/Application Platforms, Security, Incident Management and Alerting, and Diagramming. This overview aims to provide insights into the emerging tools redefining the future of DevOps and SRE.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the diverse functionalities and advancements in CI/CD tools like Tekton, Argo CD, and GitHub Actions.
  • Gaining insights into the innovative Monitoring and Observability tools like, HyperDX, and Streamdal.
  • Evaluating the latest Infrastructure/Application Platform Innovations presenting Nix & NixOS, Brainboard, and OpenTofu.
  • Studying the new strides in security with defguard and ZITADEL.
  • Reviewing Incident Management & Alerting Solutions with a focus on Keep and StatusPal.
  • Understanding the value of advanced diagramming processes facilitated by IcePanel.
  • Comparing various tools based on usage, features and use cases provides a comprehensive understanding of their functionalities and benefits.


The presentation offers a deep dive into the world of DevOps and SRE tools as we approach the year 2024. The rapid evolution within the field necessitates a methodic approach to understand these developments. Key insights from the presentation serve as a reminder of the importance for teams to engage in continued learning to comprehend these advancements to leverage them effectively in enhancing productivity, speed of development, and reliability of infrastructure.

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