Ethical Pathways in IoT Security – A Case Study of Responsible Disclosure


IoT Security Series – Chapter 2


In our presentation, “Ethical Pathways in IoT Security: A Case Study of Responsible Disclosure,” we’ll delve into a real-world scenario in IoT security research, led by expert Alex Thompson. Our focus is on understanding the discovery and disclosure process of vulnerabilities in IoT devices, specifically an insulin pump in this case. The objective is to glean practical insights to aid in addressing future IoT security challenges.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of preparatory measures for IoT security research, including creating a test lab and legal consultation.
  • Familiarization with the process of discovering and reporting IoT device vulnerabilities.
  • Insight into navigating responses from manufacturers including their decisions and actions.
  • Appreciation for ethical considerations and prioritization of end-user safety in vulnerability disclosure.
  • Knowledge from experienced security researchers on how discoveries affect stakeholders and influence decision-making.
  • Recognition of the pivotal role community engagement and legal understanding play in addressing IoT security issues.


The case study serves as a testament to how responsible disclosure can shape safer, and more secure IoT ecosystems. It emphasizes ethical, informed, and collaborative approaches in IoT security research. As we look ahead, it’s crucial to continue this dialogue and learn from such real-world scenarios for enhanced IoT security practices.

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