Foundations of IoT Security – Navigating the New Frontier


IoT Security Series – Chapter 1


This presentation comprehensively explores the Internet of Things (IoT) security landscape. Starting with an overview of IoT and its security significance, the discussion progresses through unique challenges faced by IoT security, contrasting IoT and traditional IT security, and examination of current frameworks and standards. The presentation details the ‘I Am The Cavalry’ framework application in IoT security and offers practical examples of its implementation. It concludes with an advocacy for built-in IoT security and a forward look into the future prospects of IoT security.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what encompasses IoT and its significance in today’s connected world.
  • Acknowledgement of unique challenges faced by IoT security and comparison against traditional IT security.
  • Comprehensive analysis of different frameworks and standards in IoT security, with specific real-world applications.
  • Detailed knowledge of the ‘I Am The Cavalry’ framework, its application in diverse sectors, and success stories.
  • Advocacy for inherent IoT security at the design phase and prediction of the future landscape of IoT security.


This presentation delivers key insights into IoT security, unravelling the complexities coupled with the interconnected world of IoT devices. Through exploration of challenges, comparison of security aspects with traditional IT, and unravelling various frameworks and standards, it furnishes the audience with a well-rounded understanding of IoT security. The utilization of the ‘I Am The Cavalry’ framework in real-world scenarios effectively demonstrates the need for tailored security solutions in IoT. It concludes with a strong case for in-built IoT security and a vision for the future.

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