Navigating Cloud Security: Understanding Risks and Best Practices



In today’s digital era, cloud computing brings numerous advantages to organizations, allowing for increased flexibility, scalability, and reduced capital expenditure. However, it’s equally crucial to understand the inherent risks and challenges linked to cloud adoption. This presentation titled “Navigating Cloud Security: Understanding Risks and Best Practices” aims to shed light on the potential security vulnerabilities as well as best practices for secure cloud usage.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Grasp the concept of Increased Vulnerability due to overlapping trust boundaries, which results from sharing data security responsibilities with cloud providers.
  • Comprehensible insights into Shared Security Responsibility, highlighting the risk management and cybersecurity roles of the cloud provider and consumer.
  • Understand increased exposure to cyber threats with cloud adoption, emphasizing the need for systematic risk management.
  • Discover Governance Control Challenges, including reduced control over cloud resources and potential vulnerabilities associated with cloud provider operations.
  • Explore cloud portability challenges due to the lack of established industry standards.
  • Better understand the Compliance and Legal Maze associated with cloud usage in a multiregional world, with an emphasis on data privacy and storage policies.
  • Learn about hidden costs often overlooked when migrating to the cloud, along with strategies for developing strong business cases for cloud migration projects.


Cloud computing is a powerful tool, offering significant benefits when utilized strategically. However, it’s paramount that organizations remain vigilant in understanding the associated risks and appropriately strategizing countermeasures for secure cloud usage. This highly informative presentation will equip attendees with the knowledge to navigate cloud security and ensure a successful and secure cloud computing environment.

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