Performing Network Security Auditing


Risk Management and Tools


Emphasizing the significance of network security auditing, this presentation navigates through the concept of risk management and introduces some widely used network auditing and security assessment tools. It elucidates the integral role of risk management in network audits, which allows organizations to effectively allocate resources and prioritize security measures.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehending risk management in network audits which involves risk identification, risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk monitoring.
  • Understanding the functionalities of different network audit tools such as SolarWinds, Open-AudIT, Nmap, and NetformX.
  • Grasping the utility and importance of distinct security assessment tools like Nessus, Nipper, and Wireshark.
  • Learning the importance of continuous monitoring and reassessment in maintaining a secure network infrastructure.


The presentation underlines the crucial role of network security audits in preserving a secure network infrastructure. It also brings forth the need for practical risk management practices along with the implementation of prominent network audit and security assessment tools for identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risks – propelling an enhancement in overall network security.

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