Security Testing Methodology for IoT


IoT Security Series – Chapter 4


In our digital era where the Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizes device interaction and data exchange, robust security testing methodologies are paramount. This pivotal presentation delves into comprehensive security testing strategies tailored for IoT systems, from understanding threat modelling and IoT’s attack surface’s conceptual layers to passive reconnaissance in IoT testing.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Gain insight into a systematic threat modelling approach for identifying and prioritizing potential threats in an IoT system.
  • Understand the intricacy and necessity of rigorous security testing for IoT devices due to their complex, interconnected structure.
  • Acknowledge the effectiveness of adopting a layered approach to IoT security assessment for comprehensive evaluation of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Expertly comprehend methods for passive reconnaissance in IoT testing, analyzing manuals, documents, and patents, and assessing user knowledge and social media analysis.
  • Master the art of evaluating various layers of IoT devices including the physical/hardware layer, network layer, and the security attributes of their associated web applications, host configurations, mobile applications, and cloud testing. 


This insightful presentation underscores the criticality of rigorous security testing methodologies for cohesive IoT security. With the widespread integration of IoT systems and their rising complexity, overlooking simple yet critical vulnerabilities can lead to devastating outcomes. Thus, it stresses the need for adaptable and thorough security testing methodologies that can cover common overlaps between various layers in IoT devices.

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