Unleashing the Power of Open Source Intelligence for SOC Succes



This presentation explores the comprehensive potential of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools in reinforcing Security Operations Centers’ (SOC) capabilities. In the age of digitization, understanding and utilizing OSINT has become crucial not only for gathering intelligence from enormous digital trails but also for uncovering hidden threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Key Learning Outcomes:

In this presentation, attendees will gain insights into:

  • The role of OSINT in information gathering in the digital age.
  • The application of OSINT tools in enhancing the cybersecurity strategy.
  • A detailed overview of essential OSINT tools such as Recon-ng, Maltego, URL Scan, SpiderFoot, Shodan, the Harvester and more.
  • The usage, benefits, and limitations of different OSINT tools in a SOC.
  • How to utilize OSINT tools ethically and effectively for various purposes beyond SOC, such as in penetration testing, research, journalism, and more.


The presentation concludes by underlining the significance of OSINT in modern cybersecurity. It emphasizes how OSINT, by providing external context and intelligence, significantly enhances a SOC’s capabilities in threat anticipation, detection, and response. It also addresses the importance of community engagement in sharing experiences and suggestions for OSINT tools.

Call to Action:

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