45% companies fear attacks on IT infrastructure

Nearly half of the companies that participated in the ‘IDC market analysis perspective: a worldwise security products survey’ conducted by IDC in December 2012, believe that increasingly sophisticated attacks pose a serious threat to their IT infrastructures.

A statement issued by Kaspersky Lab said that it is becoming more and more common for cybercriminals to use dedicated malicious software to launch attacks on corporations, eschewing widely-recognized malware tools and making it harder to detect and repel intrusions. As a result, companies have more stringent requirements for their corporate security solutions, analysts say.

“The sophistication and complexity of the attacks increases the need for advanced anti-malware offerings that appreciate the multiple attack points (web, network, device) used to infiltrate the endpoint and minimize the resources needed to thwart these attacks and protect the asset (device and data),” said Kevin Bailey, research director, EMEA software security products and services policies, IDC.

SOURCE: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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