Historically, organisations using SharePoint have had to make a trade-off between collaboration and security. To protect confidential information, encryption is considered by many the only solution yet these coded documents are then undiscoverable with standard SharePoint search functionality.  A further complication is user access with the ability to create rules based on metadata, content, or some other attribute missing from the tool set.

Cryptzone, the IT security and threat mitigation specialist, has resolved this. It has unveiled a new version of its leading Microsoft SharePoint document security solution, Secured eCollaboration. Powerful new features have been added that truly secure content, without impeding searchability and collaboration between internal and external teams – both crucial capabilities for SharePoint projects. Essentially, the results are filtered according to a user’s permissions, ensuring confidential information is only disclosed to those with the correct clearance.

“Organisations increasingly recognise the need to secure confidential information stored within SharePoint repositories,” explains Anders Hansson, Product Portfolio Manager at Cryptzone. “Traditionally, SharePoint’s search functionality leaves files encrypted at rest undiscoverable. This requires organisations to make trade-offs between their security posture, user productivity and convenience. By developing Encrypted Content Search in our Secured eCollaboration solution, we get around this deficiency, without compromising security.”

Utilising sophisticated approaches to key management and process whitelisting, encrypted content on SharePoint can only be searched and discovered by authorised users. This approach respects the principle of the separation of duties, preventing SharePoint administrators from viewing protected content.

Other introductions within Cryptzone’s Secured eCollaboration V5 include:

SharePoint Form Based Authentication (FBA) – providing an alternative means of authentication to SharePoint using a web form.

Access Rights Automation of SharePoint file permissions – making it possible to create rules that significantly extend SharePoint’s native access controls.

Centralised File Access Management – adding functionality for security officers to delegate file access to any user on request, or as part of a security audit.

Visit http://www.cryptzone.com/products/sep/secured-ecollaboration/ for further details.

cryptzoneCryptzone is a technology innovator of proactive controls to mitigate IT security risk. We bring together the people, processes and technology to mitigate information security risks identified in the four key areas of Policy Compliance, Content Security, Secure Access and Endpoint Security.

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