DOSarrest Releases Latest Generation DDoS Mitigation System Software

DOSarrest has just released its latest generation of proprietary backend software that incorporates an all-new customer-facing portal. This new release will permit DOSarrest to implement changes to customer configurations in seconds, enabling them to apply custom made DDoS mitigation modules extremely quickly. It is also equipped with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), allowing the security team to pinpoint sophisticated layer 7 attacks as well as provide cloud based Web Application Firewall (WAF) services for its customers.

Mark Teolis, GM at DOSarrest said: “This upgrade is by far our largest project to date, it has taken us over 2 years of development and testing to get here. This latest generation of software is extremely powerful, and can stop the next generation of sophisticated layer 7 attacks.”

DOSarrest is now able to offer additional services, including:

– Cloud Based Web Application Firewall (WAF)
– Cloud based layer 7 load balancing, Local, Global with health checks
– Enhanced reporting on traffic types, status codes, cache performance, etc
– Create virtual servers, to have us pick-up, cache and deliver content from multiple customer servers
– IDS engine to detect and help stop any malicious traffic

“We recognised our customers’ requirements to have comprehensive security related services, rather than disparate point solutions; this new system has all the features that we need to accommodate them. The best part about this new generation of software is its flexibility at the core. What used to take days and weeks to develop and implement can now be measured in minutes and hours,” added Jag Bains, CTO at DOSarrest.

Bains went on to say: “The best part of this new release is that it enables us to quickly react and stop sophisticated attacks that have not even been created yet!”

About DOSarrest Internet Security:

DOSarrest founded in 2007 in Vancouver, BC, Canada has specialized in providing cloud based DDoS protection services to its global client base from its inception and now (April 2014) offers a number of additional Security Services including, Vulnerability testing, WAF, IDS as well as layer 7 cloud based load balancing. Their innovative systems, software and exceptional service have been leading edge for over 7 years.

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