Do you feel the US Patriot Act, and EU Data Legislations are in conflict leaving end users, and businesses confused as to their expectations of Privacy?

With the current position being driven and implied by the wide range of current, and new laws, expectations of privacy, and other such associated legislations to accommodate protection for the citizens and business information assets, I am wondering where the Tipping-Point will be, and moreover, who will have the weight to sway the point-of-balance when it comes to those two opposed bedfellows Privacy and Security. For instance, whilst we have agreement of protection under UK/EU Legislations, if the protected data object is under the shadow of the US Patriot Act, and the data asset(s) happen to reside within an environment which may be subjected to the imposition of that Act being flexed, what will the overriding factor to granting access [or not] be?

Will it be the strength of UK/EU Legislations which will enforce the expected controls for the UK/EU Citizens, or will it be the all-encompassing power driven out of the White House which will win the day. But then that said, I am really not that fussed, as I do feel the security aspect will always be the forerunner in the race against Privacy. However, when I am buying a service for a client, such as Microsoft Cloud, or Office 365, or any other such offering which falls under the potential reach of the Patriot Act, I wish to know the true position prior to spending my £/$ – so a definitive answer would be much appreciated – does the UK/EU Data Legislation assure protection, or can it be overridden by the Patriot Act where the environment allows legislative infiltration!

All I want to know is, Yes, or No please.

John Walker | Integral Security Xassurnce, Ltd | @SBLTD

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