MySQL, Other Server Vulnerability/Hack Hole (Google, FB, Twitter, eBay, Cisco, Amazon, Netflix Among Users Possibly Affected)

Following the news that a dangerous vulnerability is found in MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona’s Server and XtraDB Cluster which when chained allow attackers in shared environments complete compromise of servers, Bert Rankin, Lastline CMO commented below.

Bert Rankin, CMO at Lastline:
bert-rankin“This is a good reminder that along with deploying the key cyber security tools such as advanced malware detection and mitigation, it’s essential that organizations commit to the basics, including programmatic, regular patch program for servers, applications and other infrastructure in the data center. Vulnerabilities such as this bug are potential dangers only to those organizations that aren’t on top of their database updates – but it’s amazing how many aren’t.”