Operation Ghoul’ Targets Industrial, Engineering Companies In 30 Countries

A new wave of targeted attacks against mostly small- and midsized businesses in the engineering and industrial sectors worldwide has hit some 130 organizations thus far. Lane Thames, Software Development Engineer and Security Researcher at Tripwire commented below.

Lane Thames, Software Development Engineer and Security Researcher at Tripwire:

Lane-Thames“This data illustrates how much of an upper-hand cyber criminals have on the rest of us. No new innovation was used by this attack campaign. Instead, these cyber criminals were using existing malware and phishing emails to infiltrate their victims’ networks. Phishing has long been a valuable technique for cyber criminals because both trained humans and detection software have difficulty identifying a well-crafted phishing email. However, the bigger problem across the board is user awareness. Organizations should implement training programs that help their users understand aspects of spam, phishing, and malware. A little bit of training can go a long way in this area.”

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