PCB’s YouTube Channel Hacked, Renamed To ‘Tesla US 24’

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Jan 03, 2023 06:19 am PST

LAHORE, Pakistan – The official YouTube channel of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was hacked on Tuesday, causing great panic among the board’s officials and its 4.4 million subscribers. The hackers not only changed the channel’s logo but also renamed it “Tesla US 24”.

The PCB’s YouTube channel is a popular destination for cricket fans worldwide, and the hack caused a significant disruption in content availability. This includes highlights from recent cricket matches, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with players. According to PCB officials, the hackers had privatized over 5,000 videos on the channel, making them inaccessible to viewers.

The PCB’s YouTube team quickly tried to contact YouTube management in an attempt to resolve the issue. However, the hackers had not placed any demands or issued statements about their motivations for the hack. This made it hard for the team to know how to proceed and caused further concern among PCB officials.

Fans Take To Social Media To Express Their Dissatisfaction

As the hack continued, rumors began to circulate on social media about who might be behind the attack. Some speculated that it could be a group of disgruntled fans who were upset with the performance of the Pakistani cricket team. Others suggested that it could be a cyber attack by another cricket board seeking to disrupt the PCB’s online presence. There were even theories that the hack could be related to international politics, with some suggesting that it could be a form of cyber warfare.

Despite the initial chaos, the PCB management eventually recovered the channel and restored it to its original state. The privatized videos were made available once again, and the logo and name of the channel were changed back to their original versions.

Yet to ascertain who was behind the hack or what their intentions were. The PCB has not released any information on the matter, stating that they are still investigating the incident and working with YouTube to determine the perpetrators.

This serves as a reminder of the usefulness of cybersecurity and the need for organizations to protect their online platforms and assets. The PCB has not released any information on the measures they are taking to prevent future hacks, but they will likely be increasing their security measures to protect their valuable assets.

In the wake of the hack, many fans took to social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction and concern. Many called for the PCB to take more decisive action to protect their online channels and ensure that this type of incident does not happen again. Some even suggested that the PCB consider hiring a dedicated cybersecurity team to monitor and protect its online assets.

As the investigation continues, it will be interesting to see what information is uncovered about the hack and whether any suspects are identified. In the meantime, the PCB’s YouTube channel has been restored, and fans can once again access the content they love. The PCB has assured its subscribers that they are taking necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of their online channels moving forward.


The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) YouTube channel has been restored after being hacked on Tuesday. The hackers not only modified the channel’s logo but also renamed it ‘Tesla US 24’ after hacking it. The channel has almost 4.4 million members, and over 5,000 films been uploaded that have been privatized by hackers.

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