Scandinavian Airlines Hit By Hackers, Anonymous Sudan Takes Credit

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Feb 16, 2023 08:40 am PST

A cyberattack against Scandinavian Airlines was reported, and “Anonymous Sudan” took credit. On Tuesday, a hack against Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) caused its website to go down and revealed some customer information. Customers who sought to log onto the SAS mobile app were directed to another user’s account, where they had access to their contact information and itinerary, among other things.

According to a company statement, SAS stated that there was “no chance that this information could be misused” and that passport information was not included in the leaked data. More inquiries about how many customers were impacted by the breach, SAS—the flag carrier for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden—did not comment.

In general, Sweden had a difficult Valentine’s Day on that Tuesday. A hack momentarily knocked its major public television network, SVT, offline, and several of its businesses, universities, and telecom operators also came under attack.

Both attacks were claimed by a group going by the name “Anonymous Sudan,” and according to a statement on SVT’s website, the organization cited the burning of a Quran during protests in Stockholm in January for inspiring the attacks. A statement stating as much was issued on Telegram by individuals claiming to be a part of Anonymous Sudan.

Attack Crippled The Scandinavian Airlines

If the Swedish government does not officially apologize for burning the Quran, the organization threatens to carry out more severe and violent attacks. In the meantime, pro-Russian hackers from the UserSec collective said on Telegram that they were assisting Anonymous Sudan in attacking the airports of Sweden.

Tuesday morning, hackers from the Al-Toufan collective claimed responsibility for shutting down the websites of Bahrain’s state news agency, chamber of commerce, and international airport. They claimed it was done to commemorate the country’s Arab Spring uprisings, which occurred 12 years ago.

On Tuesday, the airport website in Bahrain was down for at least 30 minutes. As of Wednesday, it appears that the group has kept up its attacks against Bahraini businesses and organizations.

Airlines all over the world have experienced an increase in cyberattacks and technological difficulties during the past few months. On Wednesday, an IT issue led Lufthansa to cancel or reroute flights to Frankfurt, the busiest airport in Germany, leaving thousands of travelers stranded.

A technical issue grounded thousands of aircraft across the US in January. Although U.S. officials issued a warning that much of the country’s aviation industry uses outdated systems, which makes them easy targets for criminal and nation-state hackers who want to wreak havoc, a preliminary investigation has linked the problem to a damaged database file and found no evidence that hackers were responsible.

To determine whether there are any ways to strengthen cybersecurity in tandem with that of other vital sectors of the American economy, the White House set up meetings with executives in the aviation industry. To protect infrastructure, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) be notified of any cybersecurity problems within 24 hours, according to U.S. officials.


The Scandinavian airline SAS reported a cyber assault on Tuesday night and advised customers not to use its app, but later stated that the issue had been resolved. According to news sources, the attack crippled the carrier’s website and exposed consumer data via its app. At 20:35 GMT, SAS’s head of press, Karin Nyman, informed Reuters that the business was attempting to address the attack on its app and website.

As we are now in the middle of the attack, we are unable to say much more at this time, she added, adding that the app was currently functioning as intended. She previously cautioned users against using the app since there is a chance they could get inaccurate information. She made this statement to the national news agency TT. On Tuesday, the entire website was unavailable for more updates.

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